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    Lies People Told Me In the 80s
    1. That Steve Perry and the lead singer from Survivor are the same person

    2. Depeche Mode is gay

    3. That the Beastie Boys were seen hanging out in my grammer school parking lot.

    4. That the girl down the street flew to England to see Wham! at Wembley arena and
    somehow made it back in time for day camp the next day

    5. That the girl down the street's brother won tickets to Bruce Springsteen's Born
    in the USA tour from Z100

    6. and thusly, the girl down the street was the won pulled up on stage in the
    "Dancing in the Dark" video, not Courtney Cox (ok I made that up)

    7. lighting a firecracker in your mouth isn't that dangerous

    8. Joe Jackson and the lead singer from Level 42 are the same person

    9. Lou Albano really is Cyndi Lauper's dad

    Lies I Told in the 80s

    1. That I won the Madonna "Make My True Blue" video contest. Yea and how was I gonna
    do that? With my Pixel Vision camera?? Come on sucker!

    2. That I was not a virgin (When my camp counselor (naturally) asked me, I didn't
    know what that was, so I decided to err on the side of caution)

    3. That I was a ninja (I am now)

    4. That I like boys.


    The Butterfly Effect
    directed by Eric Bress and starring Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton gets the ultimate punking as a college student who suffers from not your usual head trips. This movie was extremely disturbing at times but does make you think. Ashton looks extremely hot but everything is just a wee bit over the top. Eric Stoltz makes some kind of wonderful child molester but damn, even watching people pretend to make kiddie porn is just way too creepy. NOT A GOOD DATE FLICK.


    2 Fast, 2 Furious
    directed by John Singleton, starring Paul Walker and Tyrese

    I know I usually don't review stuff I've seen on video but I gotta talk about this one because the sexual tension between Paul Walker and Tyrese is just too much! All the "you're my homie, bro" comradary between these two is oozing with homoeroticism! Paul Walker is the new Keanu Reeves I'm convinced. The plot was way too hard for me to follow with Paul and Tyrese working for the cops, then for some gang but then still the cops, oh wait now the gang people wanna kill them, now another gang wants to kill that gang. Honestly I don't think the story matters that much in this film, what matters is people driving in reverse on the freeway at 100mph, cuz that's cool!